Sensory Softies, LLC is a company created by a mother-daughter duo committed to providing affordable, all-in-one, on the go sensory input for individuals of all ages and abilities. As a licensed Physical therapist, and Founder/CEO of a successful private practice, Barbara Smith-Fout identified the need for sensory input to be available outside of therapy appointments. She had a passion for her work and was convinced, in all areas of therapy, if what was done in the clinic was not transferrable to daily life, then patients were not getting the services they deserved. Barbara teamed up with her daughter
Kristin Smith, COTA (certified occupational therapy assistant), whose passion for inclusion and sensory regulation for individuals matched her own.
Together the two began to brainstorm. After many meetings, sleepless nights, and revisions, SENSORY SOFTIES completed their first in a line of sensory related products. The Sensory Softies team
 has designed a series of 4 softies that will all offer a combination of different sensory features.
Our first available softie is named
Shakes vibrates when pressing button on silky ear.
When the therapists were in design process, they were inspired by the silk on baby blankets, fidget tags, weighted lap pads and stuffed animals. They also shared their understanding of wanting
to keep our softies clean, so they included a free logo
drawstring bag to take wherever you go!
Barbara and Kristin are extremely excited to get Shakes into the hands
of those who need him and are committed to continuing to improve their
sensory line while keeping it affordable and accessible.