Sensory Softies
Sensory Softies
"It's Not Just A Toy, It's Therapeutic!"

Shakes was created by Therapists to provide affordable ALL IN ONE, & ON THE GO sensory input for individuals of all ages and abilities.

“It’s not just a toy, It’s therapeutic”


“Shakes is a life saver! Fun, affordable and perfect for any sensory seekers you have. Vibrations that are easy to use, my toddler could start it up. Tags to play with, soft plush and lightly weighted to boot! My daughter and my godsons love playing with Shakes. A game changer for the autism community! Thank you sensory Softies!”

-Kyrie K. @rainbownanysurprise

maq. priniciple.jpg

“TRULY, how cute is this sensory snuggle monster? we tested him out here at home, and he’s a major hit! i can’t wait for our students to give him a try come august! This soft, snuggly monster is the perfect weight for comforting pressure, and with the press of a button, soft vibrations can soothe any kiddo! thank you, sensory softies, for creating such a cute, unique toy that is purposeful and adorable!”

-Amanda B. (Mom & Principle)

Photo Courtesy of Amanda B.


“OMG! He loves it, he lovesit, he loves it! He is squealing with excitement because of the vibration! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!”

-Maria O.

Photo Courtesy of Maria O.


“Shakes is great for my daughter. She always asks for him before we go on a car ride or if she is going to stay at her grandparents house overnight. I tell her to turn the vibration on whenever she wants a hug from Dad.”

-Joseph P.

Photo courtesy of Joseph P.

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“As a single father to two children with special needs, I need all the help I can get. Bella has issues with her siblings and she needs some help going to school and/or daycare. Shakes is a “friend” for her…”

-Richard W.


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